Fair fees

The rates of Pascal's Angels

Fees for clients

Search fee: €550​ 

- Including search, checking skills, checking availability, checking experience and negotiating rates.

- A shortlist with at least two candidates.

- It's a one time fee; after you are connected to the freelancer, the angel is all yours.

Start fee: €275​ 

- If you decide not to use one of my candidates, you only pay the start fee of €275. 

- If you decide to use one of my candidates, you pay the full amount of €550. 

Volume discount

- Search fee for two freelancers: €750 (start fee €375)

- Search fee for three freelancers: €930 (start fee €465)

- Search fee for four freelancers: €1090 (start fee €545) 

Fees for freelancers

Lead fee: max €3000​ 

For small gigs I ask for a 10% lead fee. For example; if you work 8 hours for €90 per hour, I ask €72 for my lead fee. This goes on to a max of €3000 for each client I give you. 

No registration fees

To become one of Pascal's Angels you only need to fill in this form. I cannot guarantee work for you, that is why I don't charge registration fees.

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