Fair fees

The rates of Pascal's Angels

Fees for clients

Free! But with a clause...


I do all this for you: search, check availability, check skills, check experience and negotiate rates. And I propose a short list of at least two candidates.


There's no such thing as a free lunch

If you decide to work with my proposed Angels, I earn a small living through their lead fee. But if you decide not to work with my freelancers, I ask you to pay a small compensation for my hard search work of € 550..




Month reflection period


If you don't start working with one of my proposed Angels within a month, you will pay the search fee of € 550.


The fee is for each search, not for each freelancer


Example: I introduce you to 5 freelancers. If you decide to work with one, I won't charge you. If you decide not to work with any freelancer from my short list, you pay € 550.


Professional searches only


Serious pros have serious price tags. So I am not going to search for freelancers with an hourly rate of 60 euros or less. I also put a lot of time into the search. So I don't take searches for freelance jobs of seven hours or less. If you have a freelance job of eight hours or more, I will start searching for you right away.

Fees for freelancers

Lead fee: max €3000​


If I connect you to a client, I ask a 10% lead fee. For example; if you work 8 hours for €90 per hour, I ask €72 for my lead fee. This goes on to a max of €3000 for each client I give you. 

No registration fees

To become one of Pascal's Angels you only need to fill in this form. I cannot guarantee work for you, that is why I don't charge registration fees.

Invoice directly


It will be your client, so you can send your invoices directly to your client. But, please cc me when you do, so I know how much lead fee I have to invoice you. And that way I can also check when you have reached the max of € 3000.