2557 freelance angels in advertising
1 guy to connect them



Find the perfect freelance marketing professional for your project. Pascal connects you with a chorus of freelance angels within 24 hours - and hand-picks the right one for your team.


Whatever talent, experience, or skill your project requires, Pascal knows an angel who has it - strategist, creative, producer, writer, project manager, developer - you name it! Pascal connects you with an angel who wears the right hat.


No search fee

for clients*

*Pascal’s advice is valuable. So if you decide not to work with the angels Pascal proposed, you need to pay a search fee of €550.

Small lead fee for freelancers

A "thank you” token for getting you a gig, a small lead fee.

Fair for you. Fair for Pascal. 

The Freelance Freelancer

Pascal has been a freelance angel himself since 2004. He is the co-founder and former chairman of a freelance collective and wrote Vogelvrij, a book on freelancing.

Pascal has made it his mission to turn freelancers into friends. During his time at the collective, he brought freelance angels together to connect and to share tips, inspiration tricks, drinks and even clients with events and a forum.


With 16+ year experience he knows how to find the right freelancers for your project.



clients with freelancers

Pascal connects you to the right freelance angels. Nothing more, nothing less. He doesn’t run your project, but finds the right project angels who will. Pascal is not the creative director that keeps your brand on track, but he can connect you to freelancers who can. 


Step 1: Let Pascal know what you’re looking for

Step 2: Within 24 hours he connects you to the right angel(s)

Step 3: Work it out together

Pascal's Clients


Calvin Klein - Vodafone - De Persgroep - Hudson's Bay - Being There - Woedend! – Social Inc. -  KWF Kankerbestrijding – Chuck Studios – FD Media Groep –

"Pascal is the go-to-guy if you need creative services. He has a solid network of freelancers, not in the last place because of his work for The FreeForce. He’s helped us find talent and he’s helped talent find us."

Olaf van Gerwen

Owner Chuck Studios


The perks of Pascal’s Angels

A mediator who lives among the freelancers


Pascal has access to an infinite network of freelancers


All angels are both kick-ass experts and delightful colleagues